Maintenance Service

Problems that can occur with little or no lawn maintenance

  • Patchy = Poor Aeration / Excess Thatch
  • Fix Patchy uneven Lawn :
  • Top dress Nuri Loam: High-quality compost  water absorption and retention
  • Preferred *Coated seed requires - once-daily watering
  • Regular NOT Coated seed - twice daily watering
  • Sparse with little root = Poor PH Soil
  • PH Level Kit / Available Garden Centers
  • Most turf grass, like a pH level of 6.4 to 6.8
  • Add Lyme with Spreader will increase PH Balance
  • Poor Growth & Color - Fertilizer High Nitrogen over 24%

Keep Your Lawn Happy Throughout The Season

  • Fertilizing 4 times Throughout the season promotes color/thickness / helps significantly with weed control
  • Weed control application 4 times throughout the season prevents new seedlings from manifesting into weeds
  • Regular Lawn cuts will produce a thicker lawn giving better results for weed control
  • Detects problems early saves time and $$$$ ie: Knits / Ants / Fungus areas early less time and $ to fix
  • Aesthetically pleasing which is more favorable on the market for renting or selling

No Maintenance

After maintenance

Value of Regular Garden Maintenance $$ & Time

  • Simple well maintained Garden Bed increases marketability for potential renters or buyers
  • Prevents weeds from multiplying quickly saving
  • Weeds take the water from the soil to grow. Some weeds even take nutrients directly from a plant. 
  • Regular Dead Heading Help Multiply Growth of Flowers
  • Overgrown Plant Material will erode porous siding ie Stucco / Wood
  • Pest Control  prevents invasion
  • Tip  Lady Bugs, great for Pest Control

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