Lawn Services

Lawn Services help your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy. We understand a lawn isn't just grass - it's an investment. An investment of not only time and money, but also of dreams and memories. Of course, you want your lawn to look perfect. Gardening Duo Lawn Services help your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy, helping you achieve the perfect lawn you've always wanted.


Maintaining a healthy lawn involves using good maintenance practices throughout the growing season. Proper mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, and thatch control provide a dense, healthy, high-quality lawn.


The importance of good mowing practices is often overlooked. Mowing has a major influence on the turf density, uniformity, and aesthetic quality of a home lawn. It is also the most repetitious and time-consuming maintenance practice and is often done incorrectly.

We also do Sod installations using high-quality Kentucky Bluegrass sod, our rates include follow-ups to ensure your new sod installation is healthy.